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Enemies Domestic

Enemies Domestic: the Lark Chadwick Mystery series

On her first day as White House Press Secretary, Lark Chadwick is confronted on live television by a reporter with an agenda: “Are you, or are you not, planning to abort your unborn child?” His question puts Lark in the crosshairs of extremists on both sides of the highly fraught abortion issue. Ambivalent about becoming a single mother in the post-Roe era, and grieving the death of her boyfriend, Lark is now forced to make her abort-or-not-to-abort decision in a highly toxic, politicized, and polarized fishbowl. At stake: her sanity—and her life.

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Maximum Pressure: A Claudia Rose Novel

When forensic handwriting analyst Claudia Rose attends her high school reunion, she doesn’t expect to stumble over the body of someone she knew. Was it an accident, or something more sinister? As she aids an old flame who is making a documentary about the mysterious disappearance of a classmate, Claudia is taken on a twisty path where old school friends come under suspicion. Secrets buried for decades resurface, and she must use her unique skills to unravel the truth before it’s too late.

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Deep Wedded Blues

Deep Wedded Blues (Deep Lakes Cozy Mysteries Book 5)

Frankie’s plans for her daughter Sophie’s wedding are anything but spring breezes and blossoms. An unexpected hot spell ushers in a wave of mysterious deaths, at a time when Whitman County is missing its coroner. Garrett, who is also Frankie’s beau, is called away to Duluth to assist his former partner with a string of homicides. When Sophie becomes a quarantined bride, Frankie jumps into action to investigate the looming health crisis and its unknown cause. In Frankie’s struggle to overcome the blues, she questions the future of romance – both Sophie’s and her own. You’re invited to save the date for Deep Wedded Blues.

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Iniquity: A Sean McPherson Novel, Book Four (Sean McPherson, 4)

Crime boss Georgio Gambino abducts Sean “Mick” McPherson’s pregnant wife, Emma, and his friend’s two daughters and contracts to sell them and another group of women—some into forced labor, others as sex slaves, and a few for their organs.

Gambino confines three best friends—Mick, a PI; Joe, a homicide detective; and Rafferty, an FBI special agent—to Pines & Quill writing retreat and pits them against each other with a warning: “Mick, if you try to save Emma, I’ll kill Joe’s daughters. Joe, if you try to save your daughters, I’ll kill Emma. And Rafferty, if you help Mick or Joe, I’ll kill your fiancée, Ivy.”

With help from the writers in residence—a fiction novelist, a retired maritime pilot, the granddaughter of a legendary pearl diver, and a prior mountain climber now double-amputee—Mick, Joe, and Rafferty manage to sneak away and journey to Mount Baker, where the captives await transport. Along the way, the three best friends learn the lines they’ll cross to save the people they love.

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The Return

The Return

Aiden Baylor loves the forest surrounding his small mountain town. Alone amidst nature, wondrous ideas fill his head—fantasies and words of wisdom. His neighbors think he’s crazy. In the near-future world, entirely dependent on automation and artificial intelligence, people have lost all imagination and intuition. When a global war destroys the power sources, the world plunges into chaos and desperation. Aiden steps up as an unlikely leader who teaches the townsfolk to live off the land. As people bond in their struggle to survive, their minds open to an astounding new energy source. The more they connect, the stronger this power of the mind grows. A hidden enemy, however, lurks among them, intent on bringing AI back to keep the population subdued. Inspired by the story of Adam and Eve, The Return presents a gripping showdown between technology and the human spirit, challenging us to redefine our role in the world.

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Murder Outside the Box


The serene Brandywine Valley wakes up to a chilling double shock: a baby abandoned on the porch of a caretaker’s cottage, and a young woman found dead on the estate of a billionaire scotch whiskey magnate. Detective Parrott’s instincts tell him the two incidents are connected, but the evidence points him in directions that are both baffling and personal. Parrott searches for answers in high and low places, including his own department.  As he races to find the truth about the baby’s origin, he untangles murder clues that implicate people with secrets that even their positions of power and trust can’t protect. Once again, Parrott may have to risk his reputation—and even his life—to uncover the real story.

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Litbop: Art and Literature in the Groove (Volume One ° Number Three)

Litbop is an annual literary journal containing short fiction, poetry, art, and photography. This is the third issue. It contains work by Amy Aracena, Anna Maeve, Bruce Parker, Carma Lynn Park, Claudia Tong, Cristina Vanko, David Heo, Douglas Colston, DS Maolalai, Edward Ziegler, Frank B. Freeman, Glenis Ann Moore, Hector Duarte, J Bradley Minnick, James B. Nicola, James Reade Venable, Jen Schneider, Jesse Hora, Jody Magrady, Jonathan Chibuike Ukah, Juno Post, Kathleen Rooney, Kenneth Pobo, Lani Montreal, Lauren Kells, Liz Flores, Luis Bermudez, Mark A. Murphy, Maura Atwood, Melissa Jordan Willis, Michael Loyd Gray, Moriah G Brown, Muriel Floresta, Nate Otto, Nick Goettling, Nolo Segundo, Puneet Gupta, Reed E Venrick, Richard Thomas, Robert Beveridge, Rodney Duran, Sean BW Parker, Shannon King, Stephen Grant, Steven Teller, Tara Ison, Tim Chapman, Vanessa Y. Niu, Warren Benedetto, Zach Keali’i Murphy

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A Cotswold Crimes Mystery book 2

By Sharon Lynn

When Maddie McGuire finds herself tumbling over a cliff while hiking The Cotswold Way, she uncovers much more than ancient woods. Terrified by her shocking discovery, she returns to the safety of her international internship at the Roman Baths only to find competition in the form of the tittering, aristocratic Gwendolyn De Valence, who has captured the attention of everyone Maddie hopes to impress. Turning to her boyfriend Constable Edward Bailey, only reveals dark secrets about his past, leading her down a dangerous path which, this time, she may be unable to escape.

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Death of the Drunkard

By Anne Louise Bannon

One inoffensive drunkard. So many reasons to kill him.

A bold shooting ends the life of Mr. Hewitt, the buggy manufacturer on a cold night in December, 1872. Physician and winemaker Maddie Wilcox is particularly puzzled, since it was clear that Mr. Hewitt was soon to die of his own dissipation. Nonetheless, she is drawn into searching out his killer by the grieving widow.

Maddie soon finds out that there were several people who might have been offended by Mr. Hewitt, including those hoping to bring the Southern Pacific railroad to Los Angeles. As Maddie battles the usual winter colds and her own homesickness, the local men begin vying for her affections. Soon, Maddie realizes that she is searching for a killer determined to win the prize, no matter what the cost.

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