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Jacqueline Vick asks Why Does Everyone Hate my Character?

Jacqueline Vick is the author of the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic and the Harlow Brothers mystery series. You can find out more about her here and see her books here. This is her first post on the Blackbirds site.

The first time I disliked a character in a mystery novel, it wasn’t the character’s fault. Halfway through the story, the author made it known the detective was a figment of the real protagonist’s imagination, who would now take over the story. That far into a book, I didn’t have the energy to invest in a new protagonist, and we parted ways. But I didn’t hate the new character.

Reader reactions to Claudia Inglenook from my Harlow Brothers mysteries range from avid dislike to loathing. And I don’t know why.

Claudia is half-owner of Inglenook Resort along with her brother, Robert. She has many admirable qualities. Her practical nature helped her through the transition of Inglenook from family mansion to public resort after personal finances tanked. She’s extremely loyal to those she loves. And her hate-hate relationship with Nicholas Harlow, well, at least it’s honest. And mutual.

Yes, she occasionally resorts to manipulative tactics to get results. For example, she presented herself as a damsel in distress to lure Edward Harlow into using his police contacts to clear up a messy murder in Civility Rules. But as this was Inglenook Resort’s opening weekend, the woman was desperate.

Yet, some readers insist they can’t stand poor Claudia. So, what’s an author to do?

First, I’ll let you in on my embarrassing secret. As a writer, I’m thrilled that one of my characters evokes this much response in readers. It means people relate to Claudia, though the connection seems to be with an unpleasant episode. Maybe Reader A’s Cousin Twyla is a master manipulator, and misdirected feelings surface when Claudia works her wiles. It’s possible she reminds Reader B of an uncomfortable part of themselves that they would prefer to keep hidden. We all have those quirks and traits we’d rather not admit in public.

The trick is what to do with Claudia. Should I work to bring out her sensitive side? In the late Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat, he suggests showing the audience something about the protagonist that allows them to root for him or her. I already made her vulnerable in Bad Behavior. She admitted to Nicholas, her nemesis, that she was jealous of his close relationship with his brother. But readers want more from innkeeper. In a future book, I suppose Claudia could risk her life to save a child from an oncoming train. Just a thought.

Spoiler alert. I don’t intend to kill off Claudia. My mysteries are comedies, not tragedies. In fact, I thought she and Edward complimented each other, though I may have to rethink making their relationship permanent. Or should I? Isn’t conflict half the fun of any story?

Claudia-haters will have a reprieve. She won’t appear in the next Harlow Brothers mystery. Meanwhile, I’ll consider numerous ways to torture her and hope her sufferings will evoke some sympathy for my least-loved character.

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  1. Laurie Buchanan
    Laurie Buchanan

    Jacqueline — You’ve piqued my curiosity! I look forward to reading the Harlow Brothers mystery series.

    1. Avatar
      Jackie Vick

      Laurie, it’s a quandary. I thought she was funny! Like the heroine in a black-and-white comedy.

  2. joyribar

    Jackie: I’m so thankful you shared this post. I’ve had a few Frankie-haters (main character in my Deep Lakes Cozy series) and it boggles my brain. Now, having some levity, thanks to you, may help me deal with it more effectively. Best of luck with Claudia. Sometimes I think strong women are judged unfairly (if I can express that without backlash).

  3. Sherrill Joseph
    Sherrill Joseph

    Jackie, thanks for your post! I have the opposite problem: many kids love my detective character Moki Kalani to the exclusion of the other three sleuths. He is a comedic foodie, so I’ve figured those qualities resonate with readers. This tells me, I think, that I need to develop my other three more fully. I think! Perhaps the Claudia haters can’t handle a strong woman as Joy mentioned. I look forward to reading your books, at which point I might have more concrete suggestions.

    1. Avatar
      Jacqueline Vick

      Joy, it’s mostly women who can’t stand her. When I mentioned I might have her marry Edward, my own mother said, “God forbid!”

      1. Avatar
        Jacqueline Vick

        Sherill, can’t wait to hear more about your characters at the History panel tomorrow!

  4. Margaret Mizushima
    Margaret Mizushima

    Jackie, I’m with Laurie. I can’t wait to read your first Harlow Brothers mystery to see Claudia for myself. Looking forward to it!

  5. Avatar

    I have a friend who used to do outrageous things in high school, because she would rather have people criticize than ignore her! Your Claudia reminds me of her. I say keep her going. She is nothing if not intriguing!

    1. Avatar
      Jacqueline Vick

      A nice comment about Claudia. I’m so glad! She DID do something naughty in college that came up in Deadly Decorum. I’ll have to expand on that. Perhaps that’s the way to people’s hearts. 🙂

  6. Sharon Lynn
    Sharon Lynn

    I started with Claudia in her second appearance rather than her first and found her intriguing and a great foil! I have an editor who prefers children’s books and she is always trying to make ALL of my characters be nice, even when I want them edgy. Edgy is fun! Claudia creates a nice dynamic.

    1. Avatar
      Jacqueline Vick

      I’m glad you liked her. I do, especially when she and Nicholas go at it. He needs someone to give him a hard time.

  7. Tracey Phillips
    Tracey Phillips

    Jackie, OMG, loved this post. And now I MUST read your Harlow Brothers mysteries! Finding ways to torture my characters is what I love best about writing.

    1. Avatar
      Jacqueline Vick

      I’m just starting BEST KEPT SECRETS. I look forward to finding out how much you torture your characters. 🙂

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