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Donna Rewolinski on Spring and Writing

Donna Rewolinski is the author of the Novice Mystery series. You can find out more about her on her website,, or by clicking here, read her last post here, and see her books here.

Years ago, when I first started working as a hospital social worker, a doctor from the Philippines asked, “I get that Memorial Day commemorates those that gave their lives to protect America but, why else does everyone in Wisconsin get excited for the end of May?”

My answer involved ideas of no more struggling through the harshness of winter, putting away of hats, gloves and snow boots, a rebirth when new outdoor projects are possible, the smell of grilled foods wafting through the neighborhood, seeing people that live around you being out and about. Flowers being safely planted outside. He said he didn’t quite understand, but I told him, he’s from a country that probably has nice weather 300 days a year. He smiled.

I look forward each year to new flowers in my gardens, but especially pots on my porch and patio. Planting flowers around my yard gives me a sense of seeing my accomplishments. Writing holds that same excitement. Both are expressions of creativity. Items are pulled together and arranged. Plants are placed for size, color and impact. Tall plants in the back while others spill forward. Some stand erect while others spread out and over the side of the container. Much like putting ideas, characters, and plot ideas on paper.

I step back, view it, and often rearrange until I nod that I like it. The same can be said for editing. I work and rework for it to be the best version of what is before me. Not everyone needs to agree with your selection of plants as being their favorites. Writings come in a variety of genres for each person to decide what makes up their favorites. Mysteries, Suspense, True Crime, Romance, Poetry and so many more.

People ask me, “When is the best time to start writing?” I think to myself, ‘Today, tomorrow, New Year’s Day, the Spring Equinox, All Hallow’s Eve, or maybe the last weekend of May. Each writer decides when the people, places and ideas leave their head for the page. It’s what creativity is all about. Beautiful and colorful.

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  1. Laurie Buchanan
    Laurie Buchanan

    Donna —

    I love potting flowers for our porch, too. But I have to admit, I never thought of it in conjunction with writing. So you can bet your bottom dollar from now on, every time I enjoy them, my mind will return to this post. Thank you!

  2. Avatar
    Donna Rewolinski

    Thank you for the positive comment. Creative minds have many outlets

  3. Sherrill Joseph
    Sherrill Joseph

    Donna, I love your gardening metaphor for writing. I’m blessed to live where it’s warm 300+ days a year, but I still thank the Universe for her gifts each morning I head out to walk. Thank you for your inspirational post.

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      Lucky you. Enjoy them. Wisconsinites struggle through MONTHS of winter but there is an energy when we turn the corner

  4. Avatar

    Wonderful, creative post. Wishing you many blooms in your writing.

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      Thank you so much.

  5. Sheila Lowe
    Sheila Lowe

    What a great comparison. I will never look at the flowers in my pots the same way again!

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      Excellent….Enjoy the summer!

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    Laurie's Story

    I suppose we apply editing skills to many aspects of life. Thanks for provoking the thought. (Your appreciation for beauty comes out in your writing BTW — nice!)

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      Thank you for those kind words.

  7. Anne Louise Bannon
    Anne Louise Bannon

    What a lovely thought. My talents lay elsewhere, but doing something creative and restorative has many useful crossovers to our real work.

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      Creativity is expressed in many forms, but should feed parts of you in positive ways

  8. Christine DeSmet
    Christine DeSmet

    I have a geranium this year that is in “beauty overdrive” with “tons” of red blooms. I’m hoping that creativity rubs off on me into “tons” of words as I start my next writing adventures. A fun post. Thank you for the inspiration! Good luck with your writing.

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      As a fellow Wisconsinite, you can appreciate the significance the end of May brings. Thank you for the feedback.

  9. Avatar
    Avanti Centrae

    Agree – the best time to write is now. I better get to it!

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      Excellent. May the words flow easily for you:)

  10. Sharon Lynn
    Sharon Lynn

    I love reading about spring in the Midwest! So beautiful. In the Arizona desert, May is the beginning of the heat and most of the flowers start to die off. We do get vinca which bloom through great adversity and is inspirational for writing. Thanks for the post, Donna!

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      We do have all four seasons on Wisconsin. Many of us just wished that winter wasn’t six months long and that summer was. hahaha

  11. Tracey Phillips
    Tracey Phillips

    Hi Donna, beautiful flowers. I love planting too. It really does give the gardener a sense of accomplishment. I once heard, “Paint with flowers.” I think it applies to our writing endeavors too.

    1. Avatar
      Donna Rewolinski

      I love your garden photos.

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