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These Hallowed Halls

 Format: eBook, Paperback  Series: Operation Quickline  Author: Anne Louise Bannon  Category: Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Woman Sleuth  Disclosure: Healcroft House, Publishers  Buy on Amazon

A deadly amateur, a top-secret formula, and full mating plumage.

In the sixth Operation Quickline story,  operatives Lisa Wycherly and Sid Hackbirn are sent undercover at a small arts college in Wisconsin with Lisa as an English professor and Sid as a student.. The job is to find out who is stealing a top-secret chemical formula being developed by someone on the faculty. Faculty politics are rank enough, not to mention the food in the Faculty Dining Room. There’s also trying to figure out which, if any, of her colleagues has been working with the KGB. The one thing Lisa can’t do is let on just how much in love she is with her gorgeous Basic Composition student.