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The Return

 Format: eBook, Paperback  Author: Laurie Stevens  Category: Bookstore, New Releases, Paranormal, Supernatural  Disclosure: FYD Media, LLC  Buy on Amazon

Aiden Baylor loves the forest surrounding his small mountain town. Alone amidst nature, wondrous ideas fill his head—fantasies and words of wisdom. His neighbors think he’s crazy. In the near-future world, entirely dependent on automation and artificial intelligence, people have lost all imagination and intuition. When a global war destroys the power sources, the world plunges into chaos and desperation. Aiden steps up as an unlikely leader who teaches the townsfolk to live off the land.

As people bond in their struggle to survive, their minds open to an astounding new energy source. The more they connect, the stronger this power of the mind grows. A hidden enemy, however, lurks among them, intent on bringing AI back to keep the population subdued. Inspired by the story of Adam and Eve, The Return presents a gripping showdown between technology and the human spirit, challenging us to redefine our role in the world.