They only thought they knew what they were getting into.

It was September, 1982. Broke and desperate, Lisa Wycherly thought she was signing on as simply a secretary for wealthy freelance writer Sid Hackbirn. Okay, it was a live-in position, which was weird. But even though Lisa believed sex belonged in marriage, and Sid believed in free love and slept around, she went for it.

However, Lisa soon noticed that things around Sid’s house were a little odd, and the oddities were a little too planned to be mere eccentricity. Sid had warned her that he could be dangerous to know. Lisa stayed on only to find that Sid was really an undercover operative for a super-secret organization called Operation Quickline, and that she had been recruited, as well. Soon she was ditching tails, picking up packages, and fighting off bad guys.

As much as her life had been turned upside down, she was about to turn Sid’s life upside down, too. And he had no idea it was coming.