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Odessa on the Delaware: Introducing FBI Agent Marsha O’Shea

 Format: eBook, Paperback  Series: FBI Agent Marsha O'Shea  Author: John A. Hoda  Category: Bookstore  Disclosure: Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.  Buy on Amazon

A mob enforcer taking control. A journalist murdered due to dangerous secrets. An investigator whose dedication to justice could cost her life.

Philadelphia. Marsha O’Shea is eager to reclaim her mojo. So when the dedicated FBI agent receives intel on a Russian gangster consolidating power throughout the city, she digs deep into covert plans threatening to fill the streets with bullet-ridden terror. But she’s devastated when her investigation leads to the torturous death of a crime-beat reporter with evidence.

Shocked to hear the victim’s best friend is accused of the murder, O’Shea channels her guilt into clearing his name and slamming the real perp behind bars. But as the body count unforgivingly climbs, the furious fed’s determination to protect her beloved home puts her on a ruthless mobster’s hit list.

Will uncovering the truth land her six feet under?