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Milford Bed & Breakfast (Gwendolyn Strong Small Town Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

 Format: eBook  Series: Milford Elementary series  Author: John A. Hoda  Category: Bookstore, Cozy Mystery  Disclosure: All things Investigative,  Buy on Amazon

No way in. No way out. Who killed the party host? Follow the clues with Gwen in this present-day homage to locked room mysteries of the Golden Era in Milford Bed & Breakfast, book four in the Gwendolyn Strong Small Town Cozy Mystery Series
Gwendolyn Strong is invited to a sumptuous dinner. The occasion is the grand opening of a restored Victorian mansion overlooking the town as a bed and breakfast. Gwen’s husband Ken performed the restoration. A wealthy stockbroker and his socialite wife invites their family, close friends, business associates and a glamorous movie star. In the morning, the host is found dead, shot in the head. This locked room whodunnit pays homage to Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr. Can Gwen solve his murder? Phone lines are down and the only bridge to the mansion is washed away. The house is cut-off from outside assistance. Can Gwen solve the murder with just what she learned?
Buy Milford Bed & Breakfast (Book four) and race Gwen to the final reveal.