The Malice Domestic anthology series returns with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition—original tales with a devilish bent! Included are:

Rita Owen · Introduction
Leah Bailey · A Killer in the Family
Paula Gail Benson · Reputation or Soul
M. A. Blum · Little White Lies
Michael Bracken · Locked Mesa
Susan Breen · The Demon Valentine
Marco Carocari · All in the Planning
Mary Dutta · Devil’s Advocate
Christine Eskilson · The Reunion
Nancy Gardner · Death’s Door
Barb Goffman · Go Big or Go Home
Alexia Gordon · Happy Birthday
B. J. Graf · Servant of the Place of Truth
Maurissa Guibord · Into the Devil’s Den
Victoria Hamilton · Reunion with the Devil
Kerry Hammond · Strangers at a Table
Peter W. J. Hayes · The Ice House
Smita Harish Jain · Keeping Up with the Jainses
Cynthia Kuhn · There Comes a Time
Margaret Lucke · The Devil’s-Work Ball
Sharon Lynn · The Professor’s Lesson
Tim Maleeny · A Cure For Madness
Lisa Q. Mathews · Fly Me to the Morgue
Adam Meyer · Crime Rate
Alan Orloff · There Once Was a Man Named Larue
Keenan Powell · Miss Millie Munz
Graham Powell · A Rough Idea
Lori Robbins · Accidents Happen
Cynthia Sabelhaus · Exegesis
Nancy Cole Silverman · The Case of the Sourdough Starter
Shawn Reilly Simmons · The Devil’s in the Details
C. J. Verburg · A Terrible Tragedy
Andrea Wells · Taking Umbrage