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Enemies Domestic (Lark Chadwick Mysteries Book 6)

 Format: eBook, Paperback  Series: Lark Chadwick Mysteries  Author: John DeDakis  Category: Bookstore, Political Thriller, Private Investigator, Thriller  Disclosure: Speaking Volumes  Buy on Amazon

On her first day as White House Press Secretary, Lark Chadwick is confronted on live television by a reporter with an agenda: “Are you, or are you not, planning to abort your unborn child?” His question puts Lark in the crosshairs of extremists on both sides of the highly fraught abortion issue. Ambivalent about becoming a single mother in the post-Roe era, and grieving the death of her boyfriend, Lark is now forced to make her abort-or-not-to-abort decision in a highly toxic, politicized, and polarized fishbowl. At stake: her sanity—and her life.