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Deep Wedded Blues (Deep Lakes Cozy Mysteries Book 5)

 Format: eBook, Paperback  Series: Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery Series  Author: Joy Ann Ribar  Category: Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Mystery  Disclosure: Wine Glass Press  Buy on Amazon

Frankie’s plans for her daughter Sophie’s wedding are anything but spring breezes and blossoms. An unexpected hot spell ushers in a wave of mysterious deaths, at a time when Whitman County is missing its coroner. Garrett, who is also Frankie’s beau, is called away to Duluth to assist his former partner with a string of homicides. When Sophie becomes a quarantined bride, Frankie jumps into action to investigate the looming health crisis and its unknown cause. In Frankie’s struggle to overcome the blues, she questions the future of romance – both Sophie’s and her own.