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At the Ready: Global Security Unlimited 3

 Format: eBook, Hardcover, Paperback  Series: Global Security Unlimited  Author: Sharon Michalove  Category: Romantic Suspense  Disclosure: Coffee and Eclairs Books  Buy on Amazon

What happens when a hunky French-Canadian security executive falls for a feisty Chicago lawyer being stalked by her ex?

Micki Press and JL Martin both have complicated lives, but when they come together, the sparks are undeniable. Micki is trying to make it to the top of one of the most conservative corporate law firms in Chicago. JL is the CEO of WatchDog Inc., a successful security company, and is struggling with his own family complications. When Micki’s former lover stalks her, JL steps in to protect her, and the two soon realize their feelings go beyond friendship. But with their complicated pasts and the struggles of the corporate world, are they ready to take the next step, or will the twists and turns have them singing the Chicago blues?