At First Sight by Sharon Michalove book cover
Oxford, England 1993. An awkward American grad student hits a gorgeous English undergrad with her bicycle. She’s embarrassed. He’s intrigued. They go their separate ways, but neither forgets. Chicago, Illinois 2013. Successful novelist Cress Taylor starts receiving anonymous threats that undermine her world. When a figure from her past turns...
Audiobook, eBook, Paperback Category: Romantic Suspense by Sharon Michalove
$ 4.99
At the Crossroads by Sharon Michalove book cover
Former MI6 operative, Max Grant, has created a new life in Chicago, heading up the cybersecurity arm of a global security company. He is also building a relationship with author Cress Taylor, the woman he has dreamed about for twenty years. But Max’s past is about to catch up with...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore by Sharon Michalove
$ 4.99
Dead in the Alley by Sharon Michalove book cover
When Bay Bishop’s husband was found in the alley behind their Northern Michigan restaurant, she lost not only the partner in her dreams of establishing the best fine-dining establishment in the area but the man she thought was the love of her life. Then she finds out how he had...
eBook, Paperback Category: Cozy Mystery by Sharon Michalove
$ 4.99