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Sharon Lynn Death Takes a Bath
When Maddie McGuire lands an archeology internship at the Roman Baths in England, she assumes everything will go her way. But when this college sophomore discovers a severed human ear on her doorstep, she must solve its meaning before she becomes the next victim, or worse, gets deported. Her tentative...
eBook Category: Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Mystery by  Sharon Lynn
Death on Tap. A short story by Sharon Lynn. Snow covered mountain at night. Death on Tap: A Mystery Short Story
Bar owner Una has no idea that breaking up a late-night brawl will lead to murder. Anxious to save her critically wounded mentor, she rushes headlong into a terrifying night of chases through the inky blackness of Arizona’s mountains. Her situation goes from unbelievable to horrific as she learns secrets...
Audiobook, eBook Category: Bookstore, Mystery by  Sharon Lynn