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Model Suspect: Book One of the Backyard Model Mysteries

 Format: eBook, Paperback  Series: The Backyard Model mysteries  Author: TK Sheffield  Category: Bookstore  Buy on Amazon

In the first book of The Backyard Model mysteries by TK Sheffield, a frugal fashion model hangs up her second-hand stilettos and returns to her small town to open a business—but then is forced to become an amateur sleuth after becoming a suspect in a murder.

Melanie Tower is done with the drama of New York City and returns to her Wisconsin hometown to open an art mall. At the start of the holiday season—her jewelers’, bakers’, and crafters’ busiest time—a social media influencer is found dead, pinned under a vintage door. Mel immediately becomes a suspect in the holiday mystery and embraces her feisty inner Midwesterner to find the “poser” while polka-ing at the Cheese Ball, judging entries in the Devil’s vs. Angels Bake-off, and starring in a hilarious readers’ theater at Midwinter’s Night at the Library.