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Murder Outside the Box

 Format: eBook, Hardcover, Paperback  Series: Detective Parrott Mysteries  Author: Saralyn Richard  Category: Bookstore, Police Procedural  Disclosure: Palm Circle Press  Buy on Amazon

The serene Brandywine Valley wakes up to a chilling double shock: a baby abandoned on the porch of a caretaker’s cottage, and a young woman found dead on the estate of a billionaire scotch whiskey magnate. Detective Parrott’s instincts tell him the two crimes are connected, but the evidence points him in directions that are both baffling and personal. Parrott searches for answers in high and low places, including his own department. As he races to find the truth about the baby’s origin, he untangles murder clues that implicate people with secrets that even their positions of power and trust can’t protect. Once again, Parrott may have to risk his reputation—and even his life—to uncover the real story.