The Mermaid Broker

Bea and Lucy navigate the dark net of sex tourism to find a young Santa Monica high school biology teacher before she falls victim to a disgraced ocean scientist’s sado-sexual mermaid fantasies and throws her to the sharks, literally.

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The Mask of Midnight

Book #3 - A Gabriel McRay Novel: "A taut thriller with complex characters and an unforgettable villain" -Kirkus Reviews Troubled homicide detective Gabriel McRay confronts his nemesis Victor Archwood at the killer's trial. A surprise twist during the proceedings sets a course for Archwood to claim the ultimate revenge on Gabriel, whom he blames for ruining his life. In a trap that combines Archwood's theatrical skills and criminal genius, Gabriel is forced to face his fears and play a deadly cat and mouse game with a murderous opponent who will stop at nothing to achieve the detective's total destruction.

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Deep into Dusk

Book #2 - A Gabriel McRay Novel: "Stevens has once again brought us to the edge of our seats with her gift for psychological suspense" -Suspense Magazine From the enclaves of the super rich to the kinky underbelly of Los Angeles, women are turning up dead. Detective Gabriel McRay is determined to hunt down the sadistic killer. His one and only witness is the beautiful Tara Samuels. Blinded by sympathy and desire for Tara, Gabriel soon realizes she is not the fragile victim he thinks she is.

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Deadly Decorum

Book #3 in the Harlow Brothers Mystery Series: Mistaken identities, romantic rivals, and a host of misunderstandings. When Edward Harlow, ghost writer of the Aunt Civility etiquette books, is guest of honor at a costume ball for charity, the fun ends when his Zorro sword is discovered buried in the back of an obnoxious guest. While Nicholas Harlow scrambles to clear his brother's name, he comes up against suspects and motives he’d rather not reveal. Then he discovers a secret that could mean the end of Aunt Civility.

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Bad Behavior

Book #2 in the Harlow Brothers Mystery Series: Be careful what you wish for. It drives Nicholas Harlow nuts that his brother and employer, Edward, refuses to promote his Aunt Civility etiquette books to the public, instead opting to give lectures to like-minded societies. When Nicholas tricks him into a speaking event at a popular bookstore, the attendees include Edward’s former college English professor – a smarmy Lothario with his own book to hawk. Then the professor dies in a spectacularly public manner, and his last act is to point an accusatory finger at his former student.

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Civility Rules

Book #1 in the Harlow Brothers Mystery Series: Everybody loves Aunt Civility's etiquette books. However, no one but her secretary, Nicholas Harlow, has ever met the author. That's because the genteel, grandmotherly Aunt Civility is in reality his short-tempered older brother, Edward, who gives lectures as the official representative of the allegedly agoraphobic author. One such event is scheduled to take place at the isolated Inglenook Resort. The guests are snowed in before the attendees arrive. Then a dead body turns up in the room next door, and Edward is in danger of losing his manners. Nicholas convinces him they…

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What the Cluck? It’s Murder

Book #4 in the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Mystery Series: A broody hen. A dead body. The ultimate test of a relationship. Pet psychic Frankie Chandler finally (and reluctantly) agrees to meet Detective Martin Bower’s sisters. The weekend at his eldest sibling’s farm surpasses her worst nightmares. Then her first moment alone with Bowers on a romantic stroll ends with the discovery of a murdered farmhand. Now the marshal is fixed on Bowers’ sister Dymphna as the chief suspect. On a homestead overrun with animals, there must be a witness. As Frankie wrangles information from animals both furry and feathered,…

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An Almost Purrfect Murder

Book #3 in the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Mystery Series: A wedding, an obnoxious shipboard entertainer, and a troupe of performing cats. What could go wrong? When Frankie Chandler boards an Alaskan cruise ship, she’s hardly a cheerful advertisement for sailing the ocean blue. Her best (and only) friend is getting married, which means the end of impromptu girl’s nights. Her only consolation is the all-night buffet, but even that can’t make up for the body she discovers below her balcony. The only witnesses are a troupe of performing cats. Just when things can’t get any more bizarre, Detective Martin…

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A Bird’s Eye View of Murder

Book #2 in the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Mystery Series: What’s a pet psychic’s worst nightmare? A tarot card-reading aunt, a cranky cockatoo, and a very dead Blue-Ribbon Queen. Pet Psychic Frankie Chandler’s flaky Aunt Gertrude becomes the prime suspect after the newly appointed (and newly dead) Blue-Ribbon Queen turns out to be Auntie’s former rival in love and baking. Does a cranky cockatoo hold the key?

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Barking Mad at Murder

Book #1 in the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Mystery Series: A murdered woman, a frightened dog, and a fake pet psychic who is in for the surprise of her life. When fake pet psychic Frankie Chandler is surprised by a message about murder from a frightened dog, she discovers her new ability has a price, and it just may be her life.

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