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Death on Tap. A short story by Sharon Lynn. Snow covered mountain at night. Death on Tap: A Mystery Short Story
Bar owner Una has no idea that breaking up a late-night brawl will lead to murder. Anxious to save her critically wounded mentor, she rushes headlong into a terrifying night of chases through the inky blackness of Arizona’s mountains. Her situation goes from unbelievable to horrific as she learns secrets...
Audiobook, eBook Category: Bookstore, Mystery by  Sharon Lynn
Sharon Lynn Death Takes a Bath
When Maddie McGuire lands an archeology internship at the Roman Baths in England, she assumes everything will go her way. But when this college sophomore discovers a severed human ear on her doorstep, she must solve its meaning before she becomes the next victim, or worse, gets deported. Her tentative...
eBook Category: Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Mystery by  Sharon Lynn
death-takes-a-fall-cover Death Takes A Fall: A Cotswold Crimes Mystery
When Maddie McGuire finds herself tumbling over a cliff while hiking The Cotswold Way, she uncovers much more than ancient woods. Terrified by her shocking discovery, she returns to the safety of her international internship at the Roman Baths only to find competition in the form of the tittering, aristocratic...
Audiobook, eBook Category: Amateur Sleuths, Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, New Releases by  Sharon Lynn