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Book cover of Indelible by Laurie Buchanan Indelible: A Sean McPherson Novel
Book #1 - A Sean McPherson Novel: When a sniper killed his partner, Sean McPherson was injured in the ambush. Now an ex-cop, he takes a job at a writing retreat in the Pacific Northwest. At Pines & Quill, he hopes to heal and put his life back together in...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, New Releases, Suspense by  Laurie Buchanan
Iconoclast by Laurie Buchanan Iconoclast: A Sean McPherson Novel
Book #2 - A Sean McPherson Novel: Burdened by the pressing weight of survivor’s guilt, Sean McPherson, an ex-cop, is desperate for redemption. At Pines & Quill, a writer’s retreat in the Pacific Northwest, he and his fiancée, Emma Benton, are planning their lives together. He wants to go back...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Thriller by  Laurie Buchanan
Impervious cover Impervious – A Sean McPherson Novel, book three
The bride, the groom, the toast, the explosion… What should be a joyous occasion turns lethal. In the village of Fairhaven—nestled between Washington state’s Bellingham Bay and the Cascade Mountains, home to writers’ retreat Pines & Quill—friends and family have gathered for the union of Sean McPherson and Emma Benton....
Category: Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Dog Lovers Cozy Mystery, New Releases, Suspense by  Laurie Buchanan
$ 9.49
Iniquity cover Iniquity: A Sean McPherson Novel, Book Four (Sean McPherson, 4)
Crime boss Georgio Gambino abducts Sean “Mick” McPherson’s pregnant wife, Emma, and his friend’s two daughters and contracts to sell them and another group of women—some into forced labor, others as sex slaves, and a few for their organs. Gambino confines three best friends—Mick, a PI; Joe, a homicide detective;...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Mystery by  Laurie Buchanan
$ 9.49