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Fast Track cover Fast Track (Lark Chadwick Mysteries Book 1)
Orphaned as an infant, sexually assaulted as a naïve college student, strong-willed, impulsive Lark Chadwick is vexed and trying to figure out what to do with her mixed-up life. When she discovers the body of the aunt who raised her, Lark goes on a search for answers. She is stunned...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Suspense, Thriller by  John DeDakis
$ 7.00
Bluff cover Bluff (Lark Chadwick Mysteries Book 2)
Lark Chadwick is back. The scrappy reporter for The Pine Bluff Standard is embroiled in another tale of intrigue. WHILE DOING BATTLE WITH an unscrupulous real estate mogul—and against the advice of her friend and mentor Lionel Stone—Lark impulsively flirts with diverting her career into broadcast journalism. But, as Lark...
Audiobook, eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Suspense, Thriller by  John DeDakis
$ 6.99
troubled water cover Troubled Water (Lark Chadwick Mystery 3)
Just as young journalist Lark Chadwick is about to begin her new job on the cops and courts beat, she discovers the body of a strangled girl - the first victim of a serial killer. Lark's got the inside track, but there are complications: jealous rivals in the newsroom, her...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Suspense, Thriller by  John DeDakis
$ 18.00
Bullet cover Bullet in the Chamber (A Lark Chadwick Mystery 4)
Gutsy reporter, Lark Chadwick once again finds herself at the wrong place at the right time: front-row center when the White House press briefing room is suddenly attacked. The president is missing, the first lady's life is at risk, and Lark's personal life is falling apart when the man she...
Audiobook, eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Suspense, Thriller, Woman Sleuth by  John DeDakis
$ 14.49
fake cover Fake (A Lark Chadwick Mystery 5)
When popular First Lady Rose Gannon dies suddenly (and mysteriously) during an interview with White House correspondent Lark Chadwick, Lark is thrust into the midst of a media-bashing frenzy. Lark, still reeling from the death of her photographer boyfriend, finds herself covering a grieving president struggling with his pain while...
Audiobook, eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore by  John DeDakis
$ 18.00
Enemies Domestic Enemies Domestic (Lark Chadwick Mysteries Book 6)
On her first day as White House Press Secretary, Lark Chadwick is confronted on live television by a reporter with an agenda: “Are you, or are you not, planning to abort your unborn child?” His question puts Lark in the crosshairs of extremists on both sides of the highly fraught...
eBook, Paperback Category: Bookstore, Political Thriller, Private Investigator, Thriller by  John DeDakis
$ 4.99