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Death of a Drunkard cover Death of the Drunkard
One inoffensive drunkard. So many reasons to kill him. A bold shooting ends the life of Mr. Hewitt, the buggy manufacturer on a cold night in December, 1872. Physician and winemaker Maddie Wilcox is particularly puzzled, since it was clear that Mr. Hewitt was soon to die of his own...
eBook, Paperback Category: Amateur Sleuths, Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Historical, Mystery, Woman Sleuth by  Anne Louise Bannon
Medusa Murders cover The Medusa Murders (A Bay Browning Mystery Book 1)
Professor Bay Browning has more snake problems than the Garden of Eden in this twisted mystery. The English Literature instructor is busy preparing for a new semester when a serial killer, known as Medusa, bites her quiet life in the behind. A wild ride ensues when Bay and her grifter...
eBook Category: Amateur Sleuths, Bookstore, Woman Sleuth by  Joy Ann Ribar
$ 4.99
death-takes-a-fall-cover Death Takes A Fall: A Cotswold Crimes Mystery
When Maddie McGuire finds herself tumbling over a cliff while hiking The Cotswold Way, she uncovers much more than ancient woods. Terrified by her shocking discovery, she returns to the safety of her international internship at the Roman Baths only to find competition in the form of the tittering, aristocratic...
Audiobook, eBook Category: Amateur Sleuths, Bookstore, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, New Releases by  Sharon Lynn