Libby Fischer Hellmann

November 22, 2020

Libby Fischer Hellmann talks with Tracey about her latest Historical Fiction. A BEND IN THE RIVER is a diversion from her other mysteries. Libby has written 28 short stories, a Private Eye series and an Amateur Sleuth series, not to mention many others.

Libby tells about researching in Viet Nam for A BEND IN THE RIVER

Valerie Biel

November 8, 2020

Valerie Biel discusses her YA series starter, A CIRCLE OF NINE: BELTANY, writing about magical elements and her travels to Ireland.

Valerie talks with Tracey about her magical realism series and future books.

Saralyn Richard

October 25, 2020

Saralyn Richard talks with Tracey about the Brandywine River Valley artists, an art heist and the second book in her Oliver Parrott mysteries, A PALETTE FOR LOVE AND MURDER.

Blackbird Writers presents an interview with Saralyn Richard.

Jeff Nania

October 12, 2020

Mystery Author Jeff Nania discusses honest writing about police procedure and his love of fishing in Northern Wisconsin. FIGURE EIGHT, the exciting, first book in his Northern Lakes series encompasses this and more.

Jeff Nania discusses writing the truth about police procedure and more.

Anne Louise Bannon

September 26, 2020

Anne Louise Bannon reveals her the deep research into her historical mystery, DEATH OF THE CHINESE FIELD HAND. Doctor Madelyn Wilcox is a winemaker and medical practitioner in 1870’s Los Angeles. When two of her field hands are murdered after locals lynch several Chinese, Maddie won’t stop until she finds the killer.

Anne Louise Bannon discusses the research for the third book in her Old Los Angeles series.

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